Respect For Women is for sale or lease to purchase. Email me for more details:

You can lease this name monthly with a guaranteed option to buy it anytime during the lease with your lease payments credited toward the purchase price. It will be protected by your choice of escrow companies or, like a mortgage.

I registered this name in 2004, with the intent of making a website to teach men about respect for women. Unfortunately, now women have to teach men to be respectable the hard way. Men have grown up with examples, bad and good, from their fathers and mothers. They either did not “get it” or they had bad examples, and we have let them get away with it for too long.

Regrettably, I built other sites that were not as important because I didn’t know how to get the message across. I sincerely hope that someone can turn this domain name into a website that will help society “get it”! It can work, especially now that it is getting some attention!

I do believe it will make a good traffic source for people who type “respect for women” into their search bar or browser.
It will get a lot of traffic if social media hears about it because it is easy to remember. It is not hard to SEO a website – I dominated the front page of google for years with one of my domain names.

Contact me at if you are interested or to ask questions.
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